Third Nature Recordings


Our Mission

Third Nature aims to make music more equitable for artists, baking transparent, mutualist values into the financial, legal, and curatorial structure of a record label.

We propose that music communities are far from dying, however, they are in desperate need of a new organisational structure that more explicitly realises their implicit values.

Our aim is to work with and alongside traditional indie labels that continue to do good work, not compete with them or oppose them.

Third Nature is an attempt to build and encourage a structure that reflects our community’s implicit values of kind, adventurous mutualism explicitly.

On Being a Co-op

A co-operative is a for-profit, private enterprise, owned and controlled by its workers, customers, or both. Its profits are distributed back to its members, instead of to a separate person(s) 'at the top'.

Third Nature has chosen to be a co-op as a social contract with artists and contributors alike - to serve its members, not profit. It means that we take our commitment to aligning the interests of artists, workers, and the organisation at large seriously - and embedded it within our organisational structure.

Being a co-op means we have the opportunity to measure our success outside of a wealth-obsessed lens and focus on what is important to us. We can reject win-or-lose models of success, and instead, measure our success based on sustainability, values, and the change we seek to make.

How We Work

Third Nature is 100% owned, controlled, and governed by its artists and contributors - not venture capital investors. We own it! Our governance structure is democratic, giving members strategic decision making power.

We have 3 member classes, each operating on a one-member, one-vote basis. Artist Members are artists those who produce music on Third Nature. Contributor Members help to build and grow the label by providing labour and/or consultancy. Community Members are fans that purchase a membership to the co-op, though are not technically owners.

Artist Members are supported with time and/or financial investment for the release of artistic outputs. Post-recoupment, revenue is then split 50-50 between the label and artist respectively. Crucially, Artist Members then get a say in how the label share is spent.


As a co-op, artists and contributors at Third Nature collectively run the label.

Contributor work could range from mixing + mastering to graphic design, from t-shirt printing to blockchain consultancy. We are open to discuss how your skills could be utilised, and how you could benefit from the support of the label.

Community Members support our mission, and help us grow the label to offer more artists the opportunity to gain ownership of the label to which they are ’signed’. In return Community Members recieve access to all releases, discount on merch and tickets, and voting rights.

To enquire about becoming an Artist, Contributor, or Community Member, please email to arrange a quick coffee chat.

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