Third Nature is a co-operative record label. It works much like other independent labels, but with 4 key differences:

(1) It is ran by its artists and contributors.
(2) 100% of profits are reinvested into new artist projects.
(3) Decisions are made by its members.
(4) We are transparent about how we operate.

Inspired by solidarity economics and established co-operative principles, Third Nature aims to contribute to a new kind of artist-controlled and financially transparent label structure that is vitally essential to the creative communities of our current time.

At TNR, artists aren’t ‘signed’, they become Artist Members, people that do work for us can become Contributor Members, and fans that join the co-op become Community Members.

Most importantly though, we aim to support and share interesting musical explorations from Wales and beyond, and become an outlet for the eclectic breadths of its artists.

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